Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring RTW 2010 Collection

Spring is here...well at the malls, in the magazines, even the gyms are showing signs that SPRING is near. Some of my personal favorite Spring RTW 2010 pieces are a mix from designers like THE ROW, eskandar, Michael Kors, Donna Karan and many. If I was able to purchase my selections of the Spring RTW 2010 Collection what you would find in my closet are great peices for work, lunch dates, traveling pieces and pieces that can be easily worn to meet up with the girls for a cocktail which ever city I am in at the moment.

Piazza Sempione Pleated Art Tunic & Grosgrain Leaf Necklace
Armani Collezioni Techno Zip Jacket, Crinkled Striped Tank, Patent Belt & Cropped Pants $195.00-$895.00
Shamask Diamond Draped Tunic & Ankle Pants $450.00-$725.00
Roberto Cavalli Eyelet Blouse & Tropical Mix-Print Shorts
Donna Karan Collection V-Neck Sweater & The Sexy Trouser Jeans
Donna Karan Collection Hooded Anorak Jacket, Linen-Cashmere Tops & Ribbed Stretch-Silk Leggings $395.00-$1495.00
Donna Karan Collection Drape-Front Cozy Coat, Banded Cotton Tank & The Hot Shorts $295.00-$595.00
eskandar Raw-Edge Cashmere Top & Nautical Linen Trousers
eskandar Raw-Edge Cardigan, Top & Nautical Linen Trousers
eskandar Cotton-Linen Turtleneck & Side-Zip Riding Trousers
Stella McCartney Knit Zebra Dress $235.00
Dolce & Gabbana Floral-Print Coat & Cropped Pants
Michael Kors Shift Dress $1495.00
Michael Kors Seamed Dress $895.00
Michael Kors Draped Shell & Slip Skirt $495.00-$695.00

Michael Kors Leather Dress $2995.00

Michael Kors Cashmere Poncho & Narrow Pants $395.00-$795.00
Michael Kors Arch Blazer & Straight Skirt $495.00-$1395.00
Jean Paul Gaultier Fuzzi Tank & Gabardine Cutout Skirt
Jean Paul Gaultier Bow Dress $1295.00
Prada Hooded Trench & Seamed Skinny Pants $480.00-$1135.00
Prada Banded-Bottom Dress $560.00
THE ROW Sandborne Tunic & Stratton Pants $425.00-$475.00
THE ROW Lesley Leather Shorts $1100.00

THE ROW Ginger Cashmere Cardigan, Briggins Camisole & Cropped Motorcycle Pants $290.00-$1700.00

JASON WU Belted Feather Dress $3755.00

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TRETORN: Sucker for Classics

Maybe I'm just a fool, but a classic is a classic, whether it's redefined or forgotten about. This was one and still is one of my favorite brands. Tretorn was hot in the early 80's and since then has been making shoes and trudging through the land of virtual obscurity, but never stopped making quality casual greatness. Here are a few of my favorites styles to reminisce about and stare at with awe.

Monday, February 8, 2010

TOUCH MY "SKIN": Multitouch technology

DISPLAX Multitouch SKIN on Black Ties Stiletto Blog DISPLAX Multitouch SKIN on Black Ties Stiletto Blog

As we have seen in movies, touch screen walls and windows are a fantasy that everyone can’t wait to come true. Well close your eyes and make a wish, because DISPLAX is delivering. DISPLAX Multitouch Technology “Skin” turns any flat surface into an interactive screen. With application uses limitless, this is not only revolutionary for industry, but pure fun for consumers. I can imagine my whole house wired with glass display panels to control everything from water temperature of my shower to my garage door.
How It Works:

DISPLAX Multitouch Technology has been developed on a transparent thinner-than-paper polymer film which can be applied to a variety of flat and curved surfaces including glass, plastic and wood.

DISPLAX Multitouch Technology works by using a grid of nanowires embedded in a thinner-than-paper polymer film. Each time a finger is placed on the screen or a user blows onto the surface, a small electrical disturbance is detected allowing the micro-processor controller to pinpoint the movement or direction of the air flow.

Multi-touch detection: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology detects 16 fingers simultaneously on a 50-inch screen (to increase as technology development progresses).
Air-movement detection: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology detects when someone blows on the surface, measuring the intensity and direction of the air flow.
Large and small: As small as 18 cm and as large as three meters across the diagonal and thinner than paper.
Transparent: DISPLAX™ Multitouch Technology is completely transparent and allows the user to see through any transparent surface it is adhered to.
Light-weight: A 50-inch screen weighs about 300 grams, making it easily transportable and easy to install.
Versatile: Can be applied to any non-conductive flat or curved surface including glass, plastic and wood less than 15 mm thick. It works in daylight or at night, indoors or outdoors, and is not affected by light conditions.
Durable: When using rear projection, the film is applied to the reverse of the surface, protecting it from scratches or other damage, with no need for contact with the material.

DISPLAX Multitouch SKIN on Black Ties Stiletto BlogDISPLAX Multitouch SKIN on Black Ties Stiletto Blog

People are already addicted to touchscreens from phones to laptops, but this changes the rules of the game. This will not only change how consumers shop, how retail markets products, how classes are taught, but will also allow us touchscreen junkies to touch almost anything anywhere. I don't know about you, but I am definitely into "SKIN"