Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Power: Beyonce Rocks Laruicci Ring

@laruicci ; Tonight on the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas at The MGM Grand, my hero Beyonce gave an incredible performance that many artists in today's music business cannot conceive let alone master . 

Then in full and spectacular "Desert Luxe Chic", Beyonce and Laruicci provided stunning visuals in her new video "Run The World (Girl)" for anyone to apsire. Beyonce brings to life a great video that showcases the insanely over the top and luscious Laruicci "Power" earrings and "Claw" rings. Beyonce and Laruicci are always perfect together and "Run The World (Girl)" video is no different. This powerful video which crosses dance genres and musically makes you want to stomp straight to the club empowers "girls" to go hard and rock bold stunning Laruicci jewelry pieces.

Written By: Brandy Gomez-Duplessis
Pictures from: LARUICCI & Pervis Ross PR


Brandy Gomez-Duplessis is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who currently resides in New York and part time in New Orleans. This New York makeup artist has worked with celebrities like: Golden Globe & Oscar winner Melissa Leo, Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian, Jordin Sparks, Erin Andrews, and Edie Falco to name a few. Brandy has worked with New York top affluent and influential New Yorkers; St. George's Society of New York, The Royal Wedding Bash, The English Ball, world renowned event planner Marcy Blum, NY award winning CeCi Johnson, Women Of New York, to name a few. Brandy recently worked Sundance Film Festival, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, NBA All Star Weekend, Red Bull, and more. Keep up with Brandy by reading her personal blog "Inside the Life of a Makeup Artist" or follow her glamxurious tweets.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Riviera Ease: Gant by Michael Bastian

I love clothing that looks and feels effortless. Effortless style and an easy masculinity that even with it's euro-americana coastal spin will simply look great no matter what. Gant by Michael Bastian  (recently nominated for best of 2011 designers by GQ Magazine)provides a collection that epitomizes this concept masterfully. It implies a (gratuitous pop reference) The O.C. meets The Talented Mr. Ripley. I admire the style, I revel in the effortlessness, and I  love the collection.